How Have Changes to the Residential "Cooling Off" Law Affected a Buyer?

For most people, the acquisition of their first property can be a daunting proposition and, in fact, can represent the single biggest purchase they will ever make. As a consequence, it's not surprising that many people approach this with some trepidation, and even though they may have fallen in love with the property that they are about to buy, they may think about changing their mind up until the very last moment.

Clearing Up a Few Misconceptions About Conveyancers

When you buy and sell a property, the process is called conveyancing; you are conveying that property from one party to another. There are many professionals who can assist you through this process, including a real estate agent, a lawyer, and a conveyancer, who handles many everyday tasks related to buying and selling, such ensuring paperwork is filed as needed, funds are exchanged properly and so on. While the work of a conveyancer is important for a smooth buying or selling process, you might note a few common misconceptions about conveyancers and what they do, and this will ensure you know when to call them and what to expect from their services.